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My Five Favourite Kitchen Tools

The Five best kitchen tipsA lot of essential items (pots, pans, spoons, colanders, et al) are available for a kitchen, but you probably own most of them. I want to talk about my favourite kitchen tools — the tools that make cooking fun. Sure, I managed without them for a time, but I’ll never be without them again.

Picking favourites is tough, but I kept this list to a sensible five. I’d love to hear about your favourite kitchen tools, so leave a comment about what tools make cooking fun for you.

Pyrex bowls (with plastic lids) are great to have around the kitchen. They’re incredibly versatile and still look stunning when sitting on a table, which makes them great for potlucks. I use my Pyrex bowls constantly for mixing ingredients, serving salads and baking casseroles. Another bonus: they’re really difficult to break.

Silicone spatulas are a must. I have four and use them constantly. I like that they’re gentle on my pans while being useful for stirring, scraping, pressing and tasting. I gravitate toward my sturdier spatulas (next time I buy a spatula I’ll definitely try bending it before buying to make sure it can withstand a bowl of tough cookie dough). My favourite is the Le Creuset spatula spoon for its ability to scoop more than the average spatula.

A sturdy paring knife is a workhorse. From peeling apples to cutting steak, there are few things it cannot do. I always take my sheathed Paderno paring knife camping because I know it’s the one knife that will work on any food I bring (and it’s sheathed).

My food processor has served me incredibly well. I used to think a blender was equivalent to a food processor, but was I ever mistaken. I use my food processor at least twice a week, usually to slice, grate or puree, but it does a lot more. It saves me a lot of time preparing food and can handle high volumes as well. I have the Breville Sous Chef, and I’d highly recommend it for its sturdiness and storability.

A weigh scale is so important. If I had to decide between measuring cups and a weigh scale, I’d take the scale (preferably one with single gram precision). Besides giving better accuracy than cups, it is also less fiddly and requires less cleaning.

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2 comments on “My Five Favourite Kitchen Tools

  1. David
    May 26, 2016

    These kitchen tools are great because they are so useful. These items make life easier in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • kahht
      June 24, 2016

      No problem! Thanks for reading.

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