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Taking The Cake

There are so many birthdays in the summer and that means cake. One particularly birthday belongs to my BFF. The problem with making him a cake is that I have to transport it to a party without the icing getting squished. In years past I’ve found cake boxes to put it in but this year it is the time that I get a real cake carrier/tote/caddy.  I figure this will open up so many potluck possibilites (read: Cake).

I started browsing around net and found some decent contemporary plastic carriers. I’ve mentioned Wilton’s Cake Caddy in the past. There’s also a fabulous collapsable cupcake and cake carrier made by Progressive and the more classic Tupperware Cake Taker. All are good for 10″ round cakes. The Progressive one also has trays that will hold 24 cupcakes. Somehow this also led me to finding the Cupcake Courier, a company purely devoted to making  a carrier capable of holding 36 cupcakes or a reasonably sized cakes (including a 12″ x 10″ rectangular layer cake).

However my search also led me to a bunch of really neat vintage selections as well, many on Etsy.

One of my favourites was the LookLift plastic piece that comes in orange, gold, transparent, ivory and green. It’s sturdy design is a cross between the modern Wilton carrier and the designer covers from the older aluminum styles. According to my research these styles were popular in the 50s and 60s but might have even been available back as far as the 1930s
There was another cute plastic cake protector that came out in the 1970s by Steri-Lite. It doesn’t appear to have as sturdy a base as the Looklift but the adorable floral design on the front and the fact that the base is a lazy suzanne makes it slightly priceless (or $15 on Etsy).
I also noticed this stylish and classy beige design with a black crest quite a number of times. It’s an aluminum design and undeniably one of the most timeless cake carriers there is.
  More and more aluminum models of cake carriers popped up on my hunt as well. Aluminum keeps the design colours really pure but does rust quite easily. The most colourful one on my hunt was this “flower power” cake pan.
The last one I found that still had some life in it actually has a spot on top for pie (according to the finder, Parsimonia). I’d be interested to see it in action but it doesn’t even look like it’s for sale.

The rest of the carriers were pretty rusty but appeared in some beautiful pictures that I can’t hold back from coveting.


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