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While gabbing about Pyrex recently I kept getting nagged that Pyrex isn’t the only thing out there. So, I want to explore some of the other awesome products for toting quality baking to parties. Luckily, potlucks weren’t invented yesterday and there’s a lot of stylish and practical solutions out there, but the greatest is still Pyrex, in my opinion.

Another stylish line of bake and store products comes from the Anchor Hocking Company. Their selection of portable bakeware is limited to a 12 cup casserole dish, a 5 cup loaf pan and a 2 cup dish all with glass lids, which I think makes it a bit less portable. None the less, ribbing on the walls of the dishes makes these very attractive potluck choices. Anchor Hocking has been around just about the same amount of time as Corning Glass (since about 1905) and their vintage products, especially the Fire King line, can still be found at antique stores and flea markets. Although they don’t hold a flame to Pyrex, they’ll still bring a welcome splash of colour to any dish.

For you cakier needs Calphalon has come out with a portable 12-cupcake pan and a 9″ by 13″ covered cake pan. It’s some quality non-stick bakeware from a company that’s been doing quality bakeware for half a century. [They also have a 12″ by 17″ covered baking pan… but to tell you the truth, I rarely need or want to carry the things I make on a pan on the pan] It’s plain, simple and gets the job done with elegance and grace.

I mentioned cakes but what about finely decorated, towering, layered celebration cakes? Wilton has the answer on this one with a Portable Cake Caddy that can house any baking creation with a 10″ diameter or less. That means pies, cakes, cookies and so on. It gets me excited because I can spend an hour icing and not have to worry about having to squish it into tupperware. With a handle on top it’s really ideal for the journey too.

And how could I forget one of my favourite window shopping destinations. Crate and Barrel always hits the hippest notes in my cookbooks and they know how trendy potlucks are. They offer up three shapes of glass bake and store bakers with see through plastic lids. But they go above and beyond that. For those with a sweet tooth, they have a 24-cupcake carrier. That’s two layers of cupcake tins with enough separation to allow for icing. That means all you need to do is bake, cool, ice and go. It packs away so easily and securely you’ll be bringing cupcakes to every potluck in your future. Or for your cake-ier needs Crate and Barrel offers up 9″ square and 13″ by 9″ aluminum bake and store cake pans with clear plastic lids. These are great for brownies, squares and one-layer cakes. The lids fit on nice and tight too (just make sure you wash by hand as I’ve seen some complaints about them getting yellowed and splotchy quickly if put into the dishwasher). It’s pretty much got a bunch of bases covered.

Now, I haven’t even touched on the amount of amazing storage containers… and I have a lot more gushing to do about Crate and Barrel. Heck, I’m sure there is a bunch more great bake and store ware out there for us avid pot-luckers. What do you use to tote your works of art around? What’s the most stylish and useful bakeware out there? I’d love to know.


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