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Rules of Engagement

Before you even think about a quick stop at the supermarket on your way to the next potluck, read this. I’m serious. You don’t want to be “that guy” at every get together you go to so don’t screw this one up. This may sound harsh, but listen… eating is a holy experience where people share their love, trust and affection for one another. Think about The Last Supper… if John had brought a crummy store-bought lasagna that was dry around the edges do you think he’d still be Jesus’ favourite disciple? I don’t think so. Okay, that got slightly heavy there. I’m just saying that you don’t want to devalue a lovely gathering with some cold and tastless mash in a lame plastic tub.

This is your opportunity to strut your stuff kid! Get out to the farmers market early. Pick up some fresh produce and herbs. Head  to the kitchen and make something so great that no one can resist.

There just so happens to be a great article on The Post Punk Kitchen with a list of potluck faux pas… they have been a great inspiration to the list of rules I post here now. I’d also like to point out that at the very soul of every potluck is love and goodwill. Each person brings a small part of themselves and together a beautiful thing is created full of delicious, lovingly prepared food.


I’m not trying to sound like a nagging Nancy*. I’m sure you’re already a phenomenal person not prone to do any wrong, most potluck people are… But maybe you’ve never been to a potluck before and thought it was okay to just show up, eat and scram. I hope you learned something.

For tips on hosting, check out the Happy Hosting How-Tos.


One comment on “Rules of Engagement

  1. gennyloves
    July 18, 2012

    Man, nobody likes “that guy”. In uni, we threw our fair share of potlucks. There was always one person in our circle of friends who thought a bag of chips was a good enough ticket to nom away at the rest of the goodies. Once they were brought to the table, the bag open and sampled on the bus ride to the house!

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