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Pyrex-ian Style

How many times have you been caught rifling through the cupboards searching for the perfect dish to prepare your potluck recipe in? If your like me with a serious lack in the Pyrex department then your probably still rifling. Le sigh. It’s a worthwhile investment though, and here’s why.

Hands down the best solution for potluck dish portability has to be Pyrex by Corning Glass and the related family of Corningware. People have been baking up their casseroles in Pyrex bakeware and bringing them to potlucks and dinner parties since the day they hit the shelves around 1915. However, it wasn’t until 1947 and 1953 that Corningware started getting seriously stylish with their Pyrex Colors line. This is the stuff thousands of cooks swoon over and collectors seek out like nobody’s business. It’s endlessly fashionable and really durable. Whenever I’m at my Grandma’s I marvel at how cute her butter dish and bowls are. It’s so easy to win over the crowd with any of these products.

You can still find the colourful Pyrex bakeware in thrift stores, antique shops and flea markets everywhere. Today’s Pyrex Bake and Store products only come in a simple glass design, which is still ever popular and looks great at potlucks. You can’t go wrong. Most products come with tight plastic lids to keep it all together. And whatever you fancy Pyrex will have a glass baking dish for it: roasters, casserole dishes, loaf pans, pie plates, salad bowls… it’s just so practical!

Pretty much all you need to know about vintage Pyrex and Corning Glass can be found at the Pyrex Love love website. They have books, photos, reference guides, and witty banter (and seriously helped me with this post).


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